Natural Deterrents for Squirrels

If you are a lover of animals, you will be charmed by the comical and acrobatic displays of squirrels. It is delightful to watch them zoom around, leaping from one tree limb to the other in your garden or yard. But when you walk into your yard and find out they have invaded your things, or in your vegetable garden to discover your crops are in a messy condition, scattered all over the ground with irregular bites on them. You also get to your meet your trashcans scattered, it will definitely get you annoyed, and all the cute displays you enjoyed from them will turn to frustrations and become less appealing to you. 

Squirrels can be a serious source of frustration to most vegetable gardeners because of their destructive behaviors, they can damage everything and the repairs can be expensive to fix, also it is often difficult to control, they can grow into a large army of invasive pests and dominate your property for a long time if you are not careful.

No matter how difficult it is to deter the presence of squirrels in the home or gardens, there will always be a solution around it.

Therefore, below are some of the natural determent methods to control the presence of squirrels in:


Squirrels naturally hate the smell and tastes of garlic, garlic have a strong smell that once they smell it, they wont come near to where it is. Make a mixture of chopped garlic, water, and vinegar. Let it settle down for some days to make the flavors mix very well and spray it on plants, garbage bins, fences and other places you think squirrel often comes to.


Another method of chasing squirrels away is by using repelling bulbs and plants that are actually unappealing and distasteful to them. There are several bulbs and plants that squirrels avoid due to their smell and taste, therefore planting this type of bulbs or plants around your home or garden can effectively keep them away from your environment. Some examples of squirrels repelling bulbs are; hyacinths, lily of the valley, alliums, daffodils, geranium, peppermint and so on.


The apple cider vinegar is a turn off for squirrels due to its sour taste and foul smell. Pour the vinegar inside a spray bottle, then spray it on hard surfaces and fixtures around infested places. It is also important to note that before it can be sprayed on plants, it should be diluted with water first (about 10 ounces to 10 gallons of water).


One of the ways to simply get rid of squirrels is to trap them in a cage and remove them to another location. Place small pieces of corn on the cob, sunflower seeds or any other attractive thing in the squirrel trap and place the trap where they normally visit. As soon as they are trapped, you should take it away and drop in a far away location from your home or garden.


Dog hates squirrel, and squirrel hates dogs too. If you have a dog or cat in your home, it is likely they will chase the squirrels away anytime they visit, when they are confronted with consistent chase, they will not come back to your home again.

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