How long does it take for poison to kill a rat or a mouse?

Sometimes no other way works against rats or mice than using poison. Using poison against rats/ mice should not be your first preference as this can be dangerous for other animals, pets and even for humans. Sometimes an unwanted animal can eat the poison and dies because of it. 

Everyone dealing with rats have same question that how long it will take rats to die after eating poison. There are many things needed to be noted that can decrease or increase the effectiveness of poison. If you have placed poison in good way then it will show you effective results. But you have placed poison wrongly without any planning then it will lead to negative and unwanted results. 

Types of Rat Poison

Rats poisons are available in different formulations, sweet and palatable poison is considered most effective against rats. Ingredients mostly used in Rat poison are difenacoum, bromadioline or brodifacoum. These ingredients clot the blood of rats and that results in death. 

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Pack Killer

This is very effective poison to get rid of rats/mouse. This poison is having attractive food fragrance and sweet taste which attracts rodents to consume it in larger quantities. This can kill mouse and poison of any size easily. 

Farnam Just One Bit

This poison is specially designed agricultural buildings not appropriate to use in homes. This powerful rat poison can kill most rats and mice in a single feed, and even effectively works on warfarin resistant Norway rats, disposing of them with equal efficacy as it does to other rodents.

D-Con Corner Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station

This poison is specially designed for mice and smaller rats. This is having weather resistant properties means making it usable for any weather or inside and outside of home. This is safe to use in home having pets and children. 

How to increase effectiveness of rat poison

Once you have placed poison it should work quickly and the area where you have placed the poison should get clean as soon as possible. Most of time you will get results in 3 days but sometimes it may take 7 days to work. Here are few tips to use rat poison in effective way.

  • You should place rat bat stations near 30 feet, if there is heavier infestation then you can place 15 feet apart. Place these rat bat stations in most affected areas. 
  • Dont change the place of rat bait station once placing it.
  • Once rat eats all the bait so replenishment is particularly important
  • If weather is rainy or there are wet conditions you should use weather resistant blocks.

How much time it will take?

If a rat eats poison it will get die in 2 or 3 days, once it eats poison it will stops eating. But following things must be considered:

  • Place it in correct position
  • Replace the spoiled poison straight away
  • All other food sources must be removed
  • The size of rat 

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